About me

Hi, I'm Relavien.

I am a developer by heart and I love to create interesting new things. I often struggle with various different problems, but also solve them rather quickly. If I want to create something, and it's not working, I'll keep working at it until it does since I am determined to do so.

I program plugins, mods, code websites and programs and manage various servers and game-servers.

You can check out my projects, if you're interested.


As a developer, I am surrounded by code and all of my projects will be released here or on my Github page.

Prisma Hotel is a Habbo Retro created by me and based on DynaCMS and PlusEmu.

I often develop and manage servers just for fun and create various game-servers for my friends to use. I update, debug and maintain these on my free time just because I like doing it.

I also am in the midst of programming a chat bot called "Maya".


If you like to, you can join my friends' Discord channel.